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Top 3 Soccer Bets You Can Make

 Soccer bets have a ton of options for bettors, but you have to be sure of the option you are going for if you want to maximize your winning potential. One thing many bettors fail to realize is that the more options they have, the larger their chances of winning big on the stakes that they make. Although most online bookmakers will rather have you bet on just a few options, the more options you exploit, the better for you. So, here are the too 3 soccer betting options you can make. Straight Up Straight Up soccer bets are by far the most popular bets today. This option simply focuses on winners and losers and nothing else. For Straight Up bets, all you have to do is predict who the winner will be in a game between two teams. If our team wins, you walk away with your winning cash. Double Chance This is another type of net that has gained widespread popularity over the last few years. For example, in double chance betting, you pick two of the three possible outcomes for a soccer game. And