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Why Soccer Gambling Pervades In Asia

 Gambling on soccer has become popular all over the world but it seems to be especially pervasive in Asia. So what is causing this surge in popularity in this part of the world? Well, there are a few factors that might be contributing to this new phenomenon.  Fewer by laws While Americans do love to bet on pretty much anything, one of the things that tends to irk them is all the rules and laws surrounding the gambling industry. But if you fly over to Asia, you'll find this isn't nearly as big an issue. Because there are fewer rules there, it makes it a lot easier not only for you to place any wager you want but for you to win big at the stadium. The rules are pretty lax in almost every asian country from Hong Kong to India to Singapore. So wherever you go, you can be sure you'll have a good time gambling.  Easier to win One of the other reasons why it has done so well over there is the fact that they use what is known as Asian handicap betting. What this means is if the mat