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Soccer Betting - Why Is It So Popular In Asia

Asia is famous for its rich heritage and cultural diversity. As the largest continent in the world, it is home to billions of individuals belonging to different races and cultures. Sports is one such aspect with a universal appeal and brings diverse people together for the love of sports. You may find it surprising, but soccer remains one of the most popular sports throughout the continent. When it comes to sports betting in Asia, there are conflicting stances. While it is frowned upon and strictly banned in some countries, it is quite popular in other countries. With the advent of online gambling sites offering their services in the continent, there has been a massive influx of Asian gamblers in the online betting markets, even from the countries where betting is otherwise banned. Out of all the sports bet on in Asia, soccer remains a favorite for most of the gamblers in Asia. There are a few reasons for this. The popularity of the sport   It is because soccer has a universal