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3 Top Ball Sports To Bet On

   If we look at the numbers for online and offline sports betting, the revelations may be mind-blowing. It is common knowledge that the sports betting industry has become a billion-dollar global conglomerate with numerous amounts of cash being dealt in transactions every day. With the removal of The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in the US, the country has experienced a massive hike in the trend of online sports betting. While the trend continues to be on the rise, some sports are more popular for betting than others. In the section below, we look at the top three ball sports to bet on. Soccer Soccer continues to top the charts in the global sports betting industry. While it has been popular across Europe for a long time, the soccer fever is slowly catching on in the US, and it is rapidly making its way to becoming one of the most bet on sports in the country too. Soccer offers a wide range of betting variations and opportunities. Every year there are multiple